Diane and Cliff

Thank you for your tireless efforts to help us find a investment property in Los Angeles. We appreciated your willingness to work long distance by sending us properties to review online, answering endless questions via email and text, previewing the properties to determine if they really fit our criteria, and then arranging to meet with us to walk through those homes that suited the conditions for our investment. This was not an easy task. We were impressed with your professionalism throughout the search for a property and during the negotiations that resulted in a successful close of escrow. Your relaxed demeanor and terrific sense of humor made the entire process enjoyable. Thanks, again!

-Diane and Cliff

Bridgett and Tripp

Wende was our guardian angel who guided us through the process of selling our condo and buying a new one. She earned our trust and admiration for her knowledge and organization, her honest advice and calm reassurance. She went out of her way to accommodate our busy work schedules and streamlined the document signing process. We didn’t have to worry about finding a reliable mortgage broker, window repair person or cleaning agency, because Wende suggested fantastic people from her professional network. We have already recommended her to friends and colleagues because Wende takes excellent care of her clients!

-Bridgett and Tripp

Dave and Bruce

I would first like to start off by stating that we chose Wende to sell our house in a housing market that had been in a negative trend for nearly 2 years. The house was completely remodeled, closed escrow and sold in basically a 90-day turnaround. Wende was friendly, polite and professional. Wende kept us informed of all upcoming paperwork that needed to be completed in a timely manner. And she kept an open mind on any concerns we may have had about upgrades or work to be done. Wende kept in touch with us via email and phone conversations. All in all, we would gladly recommend Wende Schoof as a realtor for any property. I know there are many choices when it comes to real estate agents, and Wende was someone my brother and I trusted, and she got the job done in a fine and timely fashion. Once again, thanks for all your hard work in selling our house.

-Dave and Bruce


I just sold my house with the help of Wende Schoof. What I value most in her is her knowledge of the selling/purchase process, responsiveness, knowledge of real estate market, communication skills and negotiation skills. She is highly professional, respectful of time and to the point. The extra extra feel she has is the human touch and also what I will call is the secret ingredient: attitude. She is very accommodating to her customers but uncompromising in customer service. I would recommend Wende to my friends and family any day anytime. Thank you, Wende.



A big Thank you to Wende for the outstanding job selling our rental property. She hung in there when the going got tough and closed the deal for us. I recommend her as an A plus realtor.


Katharine and Charles

Wende is a class act. We benefited so much from her expertise and gentle nudging in the right direction when we sold our house. Her excellent reputation is well-deserved.

-Katharine and Charles

Karin and Joe

We highly recommend Wende Schoof. She is extremely knowledgeable about the local RE market and sales process. She did a super job of coaching us through the process. She did a superb job of marketing the house and based on her intimate knowledge of the market she helped us strategically set the right listing price. In addition to the results, we also really enjoyed working with Wende. She was very efficient and easy to talk to. We felt like she really listened to us and always had our best interest in mind. We would highly endorse Wende for any of your real estate needs.

-Karin and Joe

Chris and Sunny

Thank you Wende Schoof for walking us through our first home purchase! Wende was a perfect fit for our needs. She is knowledgeable, caring, honest, hard-working, efficient, calm, organized, and much more. It was a very competitive market and we went through 6 bids before we made our purchase. Through the entire process, Wende worked tirelessly to complete our bids in a timely manner, walk us through all the disclosures, answer all our questions at any hour, and ensure all the T’s were crossed and I’s were dotted. She never pressured us to make any bids and strived to ensure that we made our decisions with objectivity rather than getting caught up in the emotions of the process. She was truly our champion and represented our best interests at all times. Bidding was a frantic process but Wende was always calm and collected. She provided cautious opinions but always wanted to ensure that we were comfortable with our decisions and that we would not have buyers’ remorse. We’re happy to say that we’ve had no buyers’ remorse and love our new place.
Thanks, Wende for making this dream come true for us!

-Chris and Sunny


Wende is incredible! I’ve had the unique pleasure of working with her while buying and selling a house, and through each experience I’ve been extremely grateful to have her on my side. She has the amazing ability to make the overwhelming feel easy. Wende is a true professional who I will be honored to enthusiastically recommend to my closest family and friends! Thank you, Wende!



I cannot say enough about Wende’s ready disposition and ease of manner dealing with the ins and outs of real estate transactions. Having you as my agent has made the process of selling my house much lighter than I expected, and the proceeds much better than in my wildest dreams…! I’m very pleased to have known you as a person and extremely satisfied with your work. Thank You!



I want to express my heartfelt thanks for your fantastic assistance during my home sale. Prior to listing my home with you, I interviewed other well connected and professional realtors, but after I met with you there was really no question that you would be the one to represent me. My reasons for choosing you are as follows: You demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the local market and pricing, you answered my questions and, if you didn’t know the answer, were always willing to research it for me, and you treated me courteously and respectfully at all times (even when I was so stressed I was barely able to tie my shoes!). Most importantly, you actually listened to me and took my wishes seriously; you made suggestions but never tried to impose a specific agenda. For that I am most grateful! Thank you Wende! I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends, family, and anyone else who needs a professional realtor!



Wende’s stellar reputation is well deserved. In utilizing her for both the purchase and sale of my home, her experience and guidance through both processes was greatly appreciated. Without hesitation, I recommend Wende.



Wende’s help in evaluating and preparing my home for market was invaluable; her recommendation to prepare it as “Turn-Key” was supported by her network of Contractor, Landscaper, and Stager. This process resulted in a quick and satisfying sale that was not stressful. I recommend her highly. Kudos!


Massieh and Iman

Thank you Wende! This for sure would have not happened without your help. It was not that long ago that we talked for the first time, and I was very frustrated of the whole situation. Wende has several great characteristics that make her a unique realtor agent. The first thing is her proficiency. It is amazing how deeply she can analyze houses / opportunities and how good she is in projecting the market. She would give you all the facts needed to know (no data massaging) but at the end she would respect your decision and will do her best to make it happen. Wende cares about her clients deeply. She is quick in getting back to you addressing your questions or providing you the document / information you had asked for. When you meet her for the first time, you will quickly realize that she is determined to make things happen for you.

-Massieh and Iman

Leana and Dan

Wende found the perfect home for us-and for much less than we expected to have to pay! We had been casually looking online, walked through some open houses, and thought that we were familiar with what was available. However, without Wende’s help we would have missed finding our perfect home. She listened to the criteria we wanted in our home, but more importantly understood the feeling that we were looking for in our home. She networked to identify potential fits for us, found our home before it was on the market, and coached us through crafting our offer so we were the ones who came out as winners in a quadruple offer situation. Wende’s friendly style and clear advocacy for our best interests made us feel comfortable and enjoy our home buying experience. Thank you, Wende!

-Leana and Dan


Thanks VERY much for all of your help, Wende. We really appreciate your patience and understanding and your truly listening to what we were looking for and helping us find it. We are very grateful for all of your time, effort and energy, will certainly recommend you to everyone and would always be willing to offer testimonial support or serve as a reference in the future. We’re very excited about our new home and owe you so much for your efforts to find it.


Cindy and Tony

Anyone who has faced a move knows that buying a house can be a very exciting experience, yet at the same time, the process can be very stressful. It was so comforting to know that Wende would be there at all times, offering that rare combination of true professionalism with a warm and inviting personality. Wende helped us through each step of the buying process, from searching homes on the market to the closing, and her helpful hand did not stop there. When our new home needed some renovation, Wende helped us find a contractor to do the work, and checked in with us throughout the process. Many realtors may say that they offer a personal touch, but Wende truly lives these words.

-Cindy and Tony

Hasan and Bing

In our opinion, 99.99 percent of the agents prioritize the real estate transaction over maximizing price for the seller and creating value for the buyer. Not surprising, since agents are paid on transactions, not the quality of the transaction. Having worked with Wende (and many other agents) as buyers and sellers, we can vouch that Wende represents the ultimate in quality and character. If you are like us (objective, quality-minded, fiscally conservative), you will not go wrong with Wende. We are lucky to call Wende our agent and a friend that we hope to have for a lifetime.

-Hasan and Bing

Mike and Sabine

In late 2016, we decided to buy our first home, a very daunting process to us. During our first meeting with Wende, she managed to ease our worries by coming across as highly knowledgeable and professional, but also as very kind, warm, and understanding. Before our first meeting with her, we were prepared for the search for our home to take up to a year and we told her as such. In the end, she successfully guided us through the entire process, and we closed on our first home approximately three months after our initial meeting. Her email signature “to your success” is not an empty tag line. This is our heartfelt thank you!

-Mike and Sabine


Success for us was spelled “S-C-H-O-O-F”.  Throughout the process, she stayed in steady contact with us and provided the information we needed to successfully complete this transaction without the need to travel to do any of this work ourselves.


The David Family

My family cannot say enough good things about Wende. Her patience, persistence, initiative, and knowledge of the field made the successful sale of our home possible. Not only is she a joy to work with personally, but she is someone who is never content to just “get it done.” She always makes great efforts to get things done right, and in a way that benefits her clients start to finish.

-The David Family

Kappa and Michael

Wende guided us through every step of our first-time home buying process, and really got to know us as a family. She went out of her way to answer our many questions and we’d recommend her in a heartbeat!

-Kappa and Michael
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